Water Well Drilling

Leo Dempsey Water Well Drilling provides clients nationwide with professional bedrock well and shallow well drilling services.
Our team of expert well drillers can make recommendations on the appropriate type of well for your property.
Our recommendations are based on the soil depth of your land and your unique water requirements e.g. a domestic property will not have the same water requirements as a fully functioning farm.

Bedrock Wells

As the name suggests, bedrock wells are drilled directly into bedrock. These types of wells tap cracks in the bedrock where streams of water flow.
Our domestic bedrock wells are 6”– 12” in diameter. The exact diameter is determined  depending on the unique requirements of the domestic property and how deep the well needs to be to access an adequate water flow.
We install all casing and pumps into our bedrock wells. Our high-quality casing protects the water from contamination and our pump ensures adequate water pressure at all times.

Shallow Wells

A well is considered a shallow well if it is less that 100’ in depth, and constructed above the bedrock in the sands and gravels.
A range of factors go into the digging of a shallow well including soil type.
The most common use of shallow wells is for drinking water and irrigation. Shallow wells are notable for their high yields.

For more information on our water drilling service, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.