Geothermal Drilling

Leo Dempsey Water Well Drilling provides geothermal drilling to clients nationwide.
Our team of geothermal experts combine their years of expertise with the very latest in geothermal drilling equipment and can install ground loops in just about any geological formation.
Geothermal heating is an environmentally friendly, sustainable home heating solution that works in harmony with the earth’s natural thermal temperature.
This innovative and environmentally responsible heating solution not only provides heat it can also be integrated into a building’s hot water system.

The Benefits of the Geothermal Drilling System

  • Can completely eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels

  • Clean, fresh, non-stuffy atmosphere inside the property

  • Low operating cost

  • Can save a property owner upwards of 50% on annual energy costs

  • Can reduce energy consumption by 20% to 50%

  • The most environmentally friendly complete home heating solution

  • The system requires very little homeowner maintenance

  • Preserves home aesthetics and the beauty of the land

  • No external venting installations required

  • Delivers warm air during the winter and a consistent temperature throughout the home

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